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Top 10 Computer Brands

Canada’s Top 10 Most Reliable Computer Brands

Find out which computer brands are the best!


#1 – Apple

Steve Job’s Apple has created a number of top market products that are not only reliable but elegantly crafted. Any of the Apple computers are worth the investment because of their really long life and durability. DiscoverTop10.Com recommends one of these if you can afford one.

#2 - Hewlett-Packard

In PCs, Hewlett-Packard continues to make some of the most reliable desktops and laptops. HPs are solid, affordable, long lasting. They are great value for the money!

#3 – Lenovo

Lenovo produces some of the fastest computers. They provide excellent performance, perfect for gaming and developers. Their products are durable, have great build quality and display performance.

#4 – Dell

Great performance, long lasting and very stable just like its competitors. They’re much more afforable than HPs and Lenovos if that is what you’re looking for.

#5 – Toshiba

Toshibas provide some great gaming laptops. Like some of the others, these are also durable and dependable.

#6 - ASUS

ASUS creates some of the most reliable and dependable computers out there since they create motherboards for most other computer brands. Depending on what you need from a computer, these can definitely be number one. They may not have some of the cool touches that other brands have but they provide simplicity and power.

#7 – Sony

Again, dependable and long lasting but a bit overpriced like the Macs. Their value may not be worth it if you’re looking for a lot more than just a nice interface and a long life, then some of the other computer brands that provide more memory and ram for less price are worth it.

#8 – Acer

Some of the most affordable computers out there that do the simple job. Some specific computers of theirs are not as durable but they do create some long lasting computers as well. Good for browsing and school work use.

#9 – Samsung

Great performance and reliable. However, a little high priced when you can get the same results from some of the above mentioned computer brands.

#10 - Compaq

Quite underrated but good overall machines. Not as fast as some of the above mentioned computers but after uninstalling all the software it comes with, you can expect it to be fast.

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