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Top 10 Sports in Canada – Most Popular Sports of Canada

Top 10 Sports in Canada – Popular Sports of Canada

Most Popular Sports in Canada (Winter, Summer) – Top Ten Sports

In Canada, there are many sports that are popular – some are only winter sports, other that are played through out the year, and others that are only summer sports. Because there are people from various parts of the world, many different sports have become popular here and are being played only in certain communities. Top 10 Sports of Canada have been compiled based on observation & information. Here is a list of sports that are popular team sports that Canadians enjoy watching or playing.

  1. Ice Hockey: Known as the symbol of being a true Canadian. Sports enjoyed by many right from their childhood. Though it’s a winter sport, but it is played in summer as well, in indoor ice rinks. There is a well established hockey league in place in the North America, NHL – click here to visit official NHL homepage.
  2. Basketball: Basketball is the second most popular sport in Canada. The youth is growing with love for this sport, so much so that in bigger cities of Canada, Basketball has become the sport of primary interest. In North American league of Basketball, NBA, only one Canadian team plays – Toronto Raptors.
  3. Football: Football (similar to Rugby) is  a famous sport in Canada. In the US it is one of the top sports, with a famous league – NFL. Canada has its own league which is quite popular among the Canadians, known as CFL.
  4. Soccer: Sport commonly known as Football in many parts of the world, is known as Soccer in North America. A sport enjoyed during the summer mostly – it is played at every age and level.
  5. Baseball: A very popular American sport, has quite a bit of followers in Canada as well. But it seems as if it is dying out with time. Toronto Blue Jays is a popular baseball team in North American Major Baseball League, MLB.
  6. Cricket: Though not the most popular sport among the locals, but foreigners play this sport with much enthusiasm. The Canadian Cricket Team has qualified for Cricket World Cup at plenty of occasions. The team is not the  most skilled against other countries, but at domestic level there are many small leagues established to show the interest people have in this sport.
  7. Tennis: Not a team sport as the ones mentioned above, but still a very popular sport. People follow singles’ events (Australian Open, US Open etc.) and doubles events as well.
  8. Rugby: Another popular sport in Canada.
  9. Curling: People who play this sport, enjoy it very much. Besides that, viewership is not too high for Curling Events. However, at Winter Olympics, many Canadians turn to their TVs to enjoy this sport.
  10. Lacrosse: Lacrosse is the official sport of Canada but not so popular among general public. There is a National League established for Lacrosse with 9 teams participating (3 Canadian, 6 American). Visit the NLL official  homepage – click here.

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